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Related post: Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 19:07:09 -0800 (PST) From: Travis Smith Subject: Get Another Boyfriend Painful Month Part 3Painful Month part three,Remember this is fiction and in no way reflects the actual views of any true to life persons. If this is underage boy nudists illegal for you to read this than please leave. Now on with the story.>From Kevin's point of view."You can't be here!" Brian's voice filtered it's way to me. "I'm going to have underage pissing pics to call the police." I opened my eyes and black underage thumbs found a very frightened Tyler and Josh in the room with me."Josh?" I asked softly. He looked at me with wide eyes. "Who is your daddy talking too?""My mommy," Josh said in a small voice."Shit!" I grumbled as I got out of bed and threw on my hot underaged girls shorts and wifebeater and walked down the stairs."You had better let me see my son!" Leighanne demanded. "You can't keep him from me!" I reached the foot of the stairs and looked at the doorway. Leighanne was trying to push her way into the house and Brian was standing in her way. SMACK! Her fist connected with Brian's eye. "Get the fuck out of my way!" She bellowed as she barged passed him. She looked at me. "Get me my son!" she demanded."I'm sorry," I said setting myself between her and the stairs. "But you cannot be here right now." I saw Brian dialing the phone and speaking into it. underage hard fuck "I think you had better leave now before the cops get here.""I just want to see my son!" she hissed at me."Why?" I hissed back. "So you can beat him again?" Her eyes filled with hate as she turned and left the house. "Brian are you all right?" I asked as I inspected his eye."She was 3d underage preeteen so out of control," he mumbled. "What am I going to do?""First thing we are going to do is get you some ice on the eye. Than we are going to call my attorney," underage swim models I said as I guided him to the kitchen."Attorney?" Brian asked confused. "What do I need an attorney for?""To get a restraining order against her," I calmly replied as I opened the freezer and got out some underage drinking penalties ice and applied it to his eye. "Than we will discuss extreme underage nudist your options after underage cute girls we make sure that Josh and you are safe." Brian looked up at me in shock. I don't think he realized just how serious this was."Do we really need to do that?" Brian asked. "I mean I love her.""I'm sure that you do Brian but right now you have to think about Josh too," I said calmly. "I'm not talking about divorce or separation right now. All I am talking about is something that will keep everyone safe and out of jail and out of harm for right now. At least until things calm down." Brian nodded and looked away. I could see the tears flowing down his face. I pulled him in a hug. "Don't worry Brian," I whispered in his ear. "I'm in this with you. Matt and I won't abandon you or Josh right now." Brian nodded underage topless teens as he continued to cry quietly to himself. After a few minutes I pulled away. "I'm going to feed Tyler and Josh some breakfast ok?" Brian nodded as he got up and walked out on the porch. I heard lesbian underage rape the phone ring and I free thai underage picked rumours underage it up. "Hello?" I asked into the receiver."Hello sexy!" said a very cheerful voice. I had to smile at his voice. "I miss you!""Good morning to you too underage brazil girls sweet heart," I smiled. "I missed you too.""I didn't sleep at all last night," he said. I could almost see his bottom lip sticking out in a pout. "I wanted dark collection underage your arms to hold me tight.""I missed you too and I couldn't sleep very well either. I wanted to hold you all night," I said as my voice chocked up."What's wrong baby?" Matt asked concerned. "You sound like you are going to cry." I took a deep breath to get myself under control. underage model nonnude I didn't have time to cry right now. I had to be the strong one. "Kevin?" Matt asked getting worried. "Please talk to me?""I'm sorry Matt," I said in underage sex stories a forced cheerful voice. "It is just rather hectic around here is all. Leighanne stopped by and caused some trouble is all.""What is going on?" Matt asked."Leighanne has been beating underage photography nude Josh," I said."That bitch!" Matt hissed. "Is she in jail?""No yet," I replied. "Brian doesn't want to go that far right now." I could tell by the silence that Matt wasn't happy. "Matt?" I asked."Please tell me that you are at least getting a restraining order tite underaged pussy against her?" he asked pleading."Yes honey," I replied. "We are talking to our attorney about that underage pic free right now. But enough about Brian's problem. How is Leo doing?""We haven't been to the hospital yet. We are underaged thai porn planning on going this afternoon," Matt said as a huge yawn overtook him. My heart gave out for him. I knew he hadn't been getting much sleep."So you going to try and get underage lesbo pussy more sleep?" I asked concerned."After Anne shows me Leo's new toy," Matt replied."New toy?" I asked confused."It is something he got before he got sick," Matt replied. "He is really proud of it.""Any idea what it is?" I korean xxx underage asked grinning."Nope, but with Leo it underage fakes could be anything," Matt said as he chuckled. "You know how we Whitewaters are.""Yes dear I know," I said giggling. I saw Josh and Tyler underage mom fucking come running into the kitchen. "Listen sweetie, I have to start breakfast for Tyler an Josh. So I am going to let you go.""Ok Kevin," Matt said sighing. "I love you so much and I miss you too. Give me a big hug and kiss to Tyler for me.""Ok sweetie, I will," I replied as I kissed into the phone. I heard Tyler giggle at me when I clicked the phone off. I turned and saw him grinning up at me. "Good morning Tyler," I said as I picked him up and gave him a hug and russian nymphs underage kiss. "That is from your daddy and this is from me!" I laughed as I underage pussy chat started to tickle him. Soon the underage european models kitchen was full of Tyler's laughter. After a few minutes of tickle torture I set him back down. "So what do you guys want for Breakfast?" I asked."Pancakes!" squealed Josh."And chocolate milk!" added Tyler."Do you remember the scolding I got from your daddy the last time I gave you chocolate milk underage nude photo for breakfast?" Tyler stuck out his lip in a pout that he knew I couldn't resist. "Oh well what is one more scolding pedo children underage session?" I set about getting breakfast ready.>From Matt's point of view."So what is this toy you keep talking about?" I asked Anne as she drug me through the house. I was drugged out into the garage and the most beautiful sight appeared before my eyes. Well as far as trucks go. underage age fucking "WOW!" I exclaimed. indonesia underage movies "What a beauty!""Yea Leo thinks so too," Anne said underage nude bbs grinning. "Want to hear it run?" I nodded and she tossed me the keys. "Let's take for a spin and get some breakfast." I took the keys and hopped into the driver's seat and started it up. It had duel exhaust with glass underage vagina dvd packed mufflers. It rumbled to life and I grinned at Anne."Girlfriend," I sighed as I ran my hand over the steering wheel. "You should've never let me in the driver's seat. I want this truck!""Yea like Kevin would let alt underage sex you drive this monster!" she laughed. "Come on put it gear and let's go. I put the dodge ram in gear and backed out of the garage and onto the street. I than put it in first gear and took off down the road. Needless to say I decided that as soon as I got home I would get me one of these.Later at the hospital."Hey Leo," I asked grinning. "How are you feeling today?""I'm feeling better than yesterday now that the nausea and vomiting stopped," he grinned. "So Anne tells me sexunderageenforce you took the dodge out for a drive.""OOOOH Man I love your truck!" I sighed. anime incest underage "I'm gonna get one when I get home. So are they treating you right?" He shrugged his shoulders. "What's wrong?" Leo portal underage looked down as if underage sex holiday he wasn't sure how to say naked underage 100 what underage comics was on his mind. "Come on cousin, spill the goods.""They stopped chemo and radiation," he mumbled."Why the hell would they do that?" I asked. I could feel my temper raising. I never did trust hospitals and I was fast not liking this one."They say there isn't a petite models underage point," he replied. "They underage kiddie sex say sexy underage girlz it is not working anymore.""So what are they going to do?" I demanded."They say they are going to concentrate on pain management," he mumbled."Like hell they are!" I shouted as underage lo party I stormed out of the room and up the nurses station. "I want to talk to the sweet underage attending doctor for Leo Whitewater.""That is me," a very young doctor said as he stepped out behind the counter."Why are you stopping treatment for Leo?" I underage thailand sluts demanded. The doctor led me back to the room."He is not responding fast enough to the treatments," the doctor replied."Not fast enough?" I yelped. "What the hell does that mean?""It means that recourses are limited and we have other patients who stand a better chance of surviving. Those recourses should go to them," the doctor replied bluntly."So you are just going to let him die?" I yelled."Please Mr. Whitewater calm down," the Doctor insisted. "Or I will have to ask you to leave." I lost it and grabbed the doctor and slammed him against the wall."What underage erotica free the hell kind of hospital is this?" I screamed. "You are doctor underage fuckers and you should be english underage girls caring for him. Trying to heal him. Do your fucking job and heal him!""We have him on pain medication to control the pain to make him comfortable," he said calmly."So your answer is to dope him up and let him die," I shouted. young underage naked I noticed that neither Leo or Anne was trying to stop me. I turned to Leo. "Leo, tell teengirls underage this dick head that you want to live!""I want to live," Leo said automatic. "I've already told them that.""Last I heard Kentucky did not have any euthanasia laws. In fact I think it is fucking illegal to kill your patients!" I shouted in the doctor's face."Please sir you are being unreasonable!" the doctor said raising his voice. "Now calm down or I will have you removed.""Me?" I taboo underage photos shouted. "I'm being unreasonable? What about your oath to do password underage no harm! underage lol guestbook Is it money?" I asked. "Cause I know that isn't the case cause I'm paying for his care with cash!""Sir I'm going to have ask you to leave!" the doctor said bluntly. "I'm calling security now!""Fine Doctor, you call fucking security and in the mean time I'm going to call an ambulance service and I am taking Leo out of this death factory and moving him back to Florida with me!" I hissed at him as I pulled out my cell phone."You can't use that in side the building!" he demanded."Fine!" I shouted as I went to the bedside table. I picked up the receiver and called Roger my attorney and got everything in order. Soon we were wheeling Leo out of the elevators and headed to the main doors. I saw the security guards headed our way. underage hentais But I also saw the Lexington Police coming in too."I'm sorry sir," the hospital guard said standing in my way. "We can't allow you to leave.""Oh I think you will allow me to leave and you will not bother us in any way!" I hissed at him. "Cause you see the Lexington Police are here to insure that Leo and Me and Anne are allowed to leave this hospital in peace!""Is there a problem?" the officer asked. The security guard glanced at the six cops standing at the door."No officer there is no problem at all," the security guard replied as he stood aside. Once outside I looked down at Leo. I could tell he was scared and in pain."Don't worry teenie links underage Leo," I said calmly. "I have a private jet ready to fly us to the Orlando and to a private cancer center.""But the cost," he argued."Don't worry about the cost," I replied. "I have it covered." Leo shook his head to disagree but I stopped him. "No more arguments! I love you and you are part of my family. I want to help!" He sighed and sat back in the stretcher."Sir?" asked the hot sex underage ambulance attendent. "Where do underaged nude slut you want to go?""To the airport," I ordered as I climbed into the truck and Anne climbed in beside me. I pulled out underage teenage boys my real underage blowjob cell phone and dialed our home number.>From Kevin's point of view."Hello?" I asked."Hello sexie!!!" Matt giggled into the phone. "Guess what?""What?" I asked back. I grinned widely. I loved it when Matt was all cheerful."I'm coming home!" he exclaimed. "I'm bringing Leo and Anne.""Ummm sweetie," I started worried. "Um shouldn't we talk first?""I promise I will explain everything to you. An Ambulance will underaged young nudes drop Leo off. Make sure he goes into the guest room with the bay window. You know the one that overlooks the ocean? Oh yea xxx underage nudes and don't send anyone to pick me up," Matt said with an exited tone of voice."Matt," I said agitated. "We really should've discussed this first." I was getting upset but figured I should atleast give Matt time to explain himself."Honey," Matt said softly. "I promise I will explain everything when I get home." I sighed and decided to accept it for now. "I'll see you in about two hours. I love you Kevin.""I love you too sweetie," I whispered back. I heard the phone sexy underage legal click off and I sighed. "Guess I should get the guest room ready," I mumbled to myself. I knew that Leo was sick and needed a bright and cheerful place to stay. tgp boys underage So I busied myself getting the room brightened up. After I was done I stepped back to check out teenmodel underage my handy work. After underage boys galleries a quick call to the medical supply store I got the bed changed out to a very nice and attractive hospital bed. It looked like a normal bed except you could raise the head and feet of the bed just like underage erotic hospital bed. I underage model picture also put dark green sheets on the bed and made sure I had cunt pussy underage a nice colorful comforter underage sluts pictures on it too. It was mostly green with a bright floral print on it. I had the curtains changed to match the bed and made sure I had fresh flowers brought in. It was warm so I opened the window to allow the fresh sea air in. The room was ready and not to soon. I could hear the diesel engine as it pulled up the underage exploited teens drive. I hurried out into the living room. I extreme underage galleries opened the door and met two big men with a gurney. And on the gurney was an attractive young man. He smiled up at me."I'm Leo," he said in a weak voice. "I'm so sorry to put you all through this." I gestured for them to take him in the house."Second door on the left," I said. I went into the kitchen and picked up the plate of sandwiches and glass of milk. I hoped that he could at least eat something. I walked into the room and spotted him underage model rompl sitting up in bed looking out the window and onto the beach. "Hey," underage fuck pictures I said cheerfully. "Glad to see your all settled." He looked at me and nodded. "What do you think of the room?""It is very nice," he replied. "Listen I'm sorry--," he started but I moved quickly to his side and placed my finger over his lips."No more saying you are sorry," I said softly. "You are family and in this house we have a really bad habit of taking care of family.""But--," he started again but I stopped him again. He blushed and looked down."You are as bad as Matt," I chuckled. "Now let me explain something to you. You are sick. Your mother and father have tossed you out. They have even tossed out Anne because she supported you. Do you honestly think that Matt was going sit underage and masturbation by underage asain girls and let that happen to you?" Leo looked down and shook his head no. "Good, now how about you eat some lunch. And do you happen to fucking underage teens know where my lover is?""Umm yes," free underage thumbnails he replied as he underage underwear gallery took a bite from his sandwich. underage nude party I waited for him to tell me where Matt was."Umm and where nude underage euro might that underaged asian porn be?" I asked."Umm I underaged teen sex can't tell you," Leo underage prostitute giggled."Oh dear," I said softly. blonde underage xxx "He is doing it again.""What is that?" Leo nude underage cildren asked."You see Matt has the habit of doing things to drive me nuts. It is one of the things I love about him. It keeps things spiced up around here," I replied. I jumped top underage porn when I heard a loud roar coming up the drive. "What the hell is that?" I asked. I looked at Leo and saw him smiling. "I think Matt is home," I grumbled as I walked out petite young underage of the room and to the front door. I opened it and walked out. "What the hell?""Hi honey!" Matt said with all grins. underage girls raped "I'm home!" I watched underage hymen pics speechless as Matt climbed candid gallery underage down from a 2002 dodge ram 1500 pick up truck. It was fire engine red and it was big."Ummm Matt," I stuttered. "You want to tell me why you are driving that?""It is my new toy!" he grinned at me. I underage 15 y.o shook my head as I walked up to the beast. I could tell that Matt was so exited about his "New Toy" but I was a little concerned."Umm Sweetie?" I asked as I walked around the truck. "When did you decide to buy this?""Well he looked at Leo's truck and decided that he wanted one too," came a female's voice. I looked up to see an attractive woman climb down underage sample video from the truck. bbs naked underage "Hi, I'm Anne, Leo's sister and Matt's cousin.""Nice to meet you," I smiled at her. "Umm Leo is in the guest room all settled in. nude underage boypics Why don't we all go free underaged movies in and get settled our selves." I led them into the house and into Leo's room. I stopped when I saw Brian looking down at him."You are so beautiful," Brian said as he ran his underaged pussy girls hand along the side of Leo's face. Leo moaned and leaned into Brian's touch."Umm Brian?" I asked confused. "Something you want to tell us?"Brian jerked his head around and his eyes met mine. I could see the fear raging through them. "Are you Gay?" I asked him."Ummm I ummm I--," Brian stammered."Daddy?" asked Josh as he walked into underage top gallery the room.TBCWhat? Brian is gay? What is that all about?E-mail me trav14dueyahoo.com
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